Two popular options for outdoor additions to the home continue to be porches and decks. Equally popular is the option of adding both a patio and a porch at the same time or adding one along with another outdoor addition such as a deck. According to Fixr, these sorts of home improvements saw a growth from 24% of homes in 2010 to 32% in 2018. If you are looking at a similar upgrade for your home, such as a new custom deck, then you will want to consider the following points carefully as you make your plans.

Consider Family Events and Lifestyle

Working with a custom deck builder or local contractor can help you focus on what really matters for your home’s upgrade. Do you entertain friends and family often? Are you looking for a relaxing place to unwind? Do you want a space the family can spend time together for cookouts? Personalizing your deck to meet your unique situation and needs is the ultimate benefit to consider when looking at a custom deck addition.

Think About Long Term Return on Investment

Many home improvements are a great way to invest back into the overall value of your home. A successful deck installation can actually increase the overall value of your home when you decide to sell it. Investing now in a quality installation project can more than pay for itself down the road when your home is worth more and can bring you even more money when it is put on the market.

Consider Interior and Exterior Factors

When it comes to working with a custom deck designer, they can help you consider a number of factors that can affect where and how you install your new deck. How much space can you dedicate to it outdoors? Where will it connect to your home for the most convenient access? How big or small do you need the deck to be? These and other questions can easily be answered by a skilled deck designer.

Accessorize and Customize Your Options

The final thing to consider as you start working with a custom deck builder to bring your home addition to life is what custom touches you want to include. From fire pits to BBQ stations to entertainment seating areas, you have the freedom to make your outdoor living space whatever you want it to be! That is the true benefit of having a deck made exactly how you want.

There are many options for homeowners to choose from when it comes to upgrading their homes. From expanding the master bedroom or bathroom to updating the kitchen, to outing up a new addition, the possibilities are nearly endless. Get your custom deck designed and installed today!

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